QA Engineer

Job description

Are you our new test pilot and would like to set our Definition of Done? Are you a true a Gatekeeper and is assuring quality what you live for?

Your Job

Together with your QA colleagues, it's your mission to take care of the quality of our codebase and ensure 100% uptime. You ensure deployments are flawless by carefully evaluating and validating every pull request. You use various tools to ensure every new release is deployed smoothly.

Besides managing deployments, you also organize usability testing and are responsible for the continuous monitoring of our platform.

Your Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain test plans for new upcoming features
  • Provide follow up and coordinate reported defects, ensuring the on-going global quality of the product
  • Coordinate and manage cross-departmental teams for testing purposes
  • Update QA department processes aiming to improve its quality
  • Be part of decision when it comes to necessary tools to achieve targets
  • Acts as an ambassador for the QA department

Job requirements

Your Competences

  • Perseverance: You’re unstoppable. Even during setbacks, you stick to the plan and remain positive.
  • Team player: Everything here is a team effort. And everything is focused on the growth and improvement of our platform. Support, development, sales, administration, marketing — everything is intertwined. We share knowledge, give feedback, learn from each other.
  • Organizational: You're organized and strong time management skills. You’re able to play chess on multiple boards at the same time (figuratively speaking). You set priorities and get things done. You always see room for improvement and never settle for anything but perfect.

Your Qualifications & Experience

  • Testing: Together with the development team you ensure that unit tests are available. You build test scripts for a browser Automation Testing Tool yourself. All in order to run scripts on different browser engines. Experience with testing via Greybox and Blackbox is preferred.
  • Experience with Continuous Delivery: You have experience with applying multiple deployment methodologies.
  • Monitoring uptime: You’ll spot problems long before our customers do.

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