About Foleon

The new standard for all your communication needs

Foleon is an online creative platform for quickly producing sales and marketing collateral that’s visually immersive, measurable, and proven to keep readers engaged. It empowers organizations to replace all their PDFs and printed communication assets with responsive, media-rich web publications.

Foleon is perfect for:

➤ Corporate brochures

➤ Product catalogs

➤ Interactive white papers

➤ Proposals and presentations

➤ Digital annual reports

➤ Newsletters

➤ Customer magazines

➤ and much more…

6 reasons to come and work for us

1. The chance to work at an awesome scale up

The first Foleon (our name then was Instant Magazine) was published in March 2013, so we're only a few years old! Do you want to grow with us and be a part of our "early years" story? The sky's the limit!

2. Domibo's

How's a refreshing beer sound on Thursday afternoon? Or can you teach us some tricks with table tennis or on the PS4? Show off your skills!

3. A dedicated team

Our team of experts are dedicated to making Foleon BIG. Want to share your expertise with us and learn from us at the same time?

4. Work that has an impact

We want to make your work visible. We are an output-orientated company. It’s all about the result.

5. Flexible working hours

We're happy with flexible working hours. Nobody's going to be angry if you start later. We promise. The only thing is, if you're late, you have to bring cake! We are crazy about cake.

6. Delicious cake!

Speaking of our love for cake, it's pretty much always available! Our Yvonne can bake amazingly and occasionally brings her delicacies to work.

7. Pay, Perks & Such 

We offer a Competitive Salary, Health Insurance and Generous PTO. We are a distributed company with offices in New York, Amsterdam and London.

Our values


Resourcefulness is the fuel that keeps our world turning. Developers who see challenges, not limitations. Savvy professionals who get things done and find ways to make things work. Support heroes who defy impossibilities and invent workarounds. To be resourceful is to come up with solutions, not excuses.


Grand accomplishments are never achieved alone. The willingness and ability to cooperate are worth more than individual talent. A high-performing team has no room for ego or lone wolves. The best collaborators draw on the strengths of others, and they readily share both their expertise and the credit for their success.


Progress is driven by the inquisitive and the meddlesome. Innovation by those unafraid to challenge established norms. Always forward thinking, they dissect to understand and break to improve. And in the process, they continually redefine what's possible. Curiosity is what engenders the truly novel.


There's more to our people than brains and abilities. Those who place more value on relationships than on transactions; who are open, humble and other-oriented are invariably happier and more successful, both in work and in life. We're all in this together, so be approachable, be personable, and remember to have fun.

Our offices

NL, US and UK

Amsterdam Office


London Office


NY Office